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Benefits Of Polished Concrete
Benefits of Polished Concrete Elimination of Dusting from Efflorescence In ordinary unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force called hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescene. Efflorescene leads to dusting, which forces epoxies off of the surface of concrete floors, and can make maintenance a costly priority. Stain-Resistant By densifying and sealing the surface, polished concrete transforms a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor that is dense enough to repel water, oil, and other contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the surface. Improved Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting The reflective properties of a polished concrete floor increases the lighting in facilities. Increased ambient lighting will reduce the energy bill as well as look beautiful. Increased Slip Resistance Polished concrete, though quite shiny, does not create a slippery floor. In fact, the benefits of mechanically grinding and flattening the floor will increase the coefficient of friction when compared to ordinary concrete. Polished concrete often exceeds OSHA standards for floors. (ASTM C 1028) Less Maintenance Most floor systems, including tile and linoleum, require aggressive scrubbing to maintain a clean environment and nice appearance. Polished concrete surfaces are tightly compacted, reducing stains, and do not require any waxing or stripping to maintain the sheen. Cost-Effective Polished concrete will reduce energy and maintenance costs significantly through reflectivity and ambient lighting, reduction in upkeep (such as waxing), and reduced tire wear. LEED Friendly Polished concrete not only utilizes existing concrete surfaces, eliminating additional materials such as coverings/coatings and moving towards sustainable building, it typically contains no noticeable VOC's, making it friendly for any USBGC LEED project. Improved condition for old floors (Mechanical Polish Only) As concrete ages, surface stress, delamination, curled cold joints, and other problems can arise. Mechanically grinding the floor will remove the top surface of the old concrete and polishing will then strengthen it, increasing it's impact and abrasion resistance. Reduced Tire Wear (Mechanical Polish) The rough, uneven texture of natural concrete causes tires to abrade, adding to their wear. A polished concrete floor system will level the joints and make the entire surface smooth, preventing this abrasion. No Production/Plant Shutdowns (Dry-Polish Mechanical) Dry-Mechanically polished concrete can be put into service immediately after the process is complete. Due to the cleanliness of the process and the lack of toxic or hazardous chemicals, floors can often be serviced while the plant is in full production

Are New Propane Grinder


Are New Pulse-Bac Vacuum

 Come and enjoy the warm weather at KATMANDU on the patio and see some of are work  


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Sponsoring Street Car Shootout Pro Dial Drag Racing At Island Dragway

Come Out and see the Owner At Island Dragway it is Located at 20 Island Rd Great Meadows, NJ 07838





Sponsoring Gabe Fox In Crate 1 First Race Is The End Of April At New Egypt Speedway In New Jersey

THUNDER IN THE PINES Come Out and See some good racing



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Middletown Grange Fair

8/12/09 to 8/16/09 Come and See Us for Directions


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8/12/09 10Am To 10Pm

8/13/09 10Am To 10Pm

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8/16/09 10Am To 5Pm


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Now Installing Daich Coating
Known primarily for Spreadable Stone floor and wall coatings that give strength and beauty to all kinds of surfaces with liquid stone. Now you can beautify and protect a wide range of floor and wall surfaces - indoors and out with slip-resistant surfaces that are highly resistant to abrasion, impact and more. Add the beauty of stone to almost any existing surface like garages floors , walkways , patios , bathrooms , shower stalls , kitchen floors , Tables and Counter Tops , Interior and Exterior Walls. Ask about the penny test

We are now found on the concrete network.  The web site is you can find us in the Philadelphia and Southeastern region of Pennsylvania.

Wood Design
Making a wood design on concrete can save you in the long run. It can get wet and you don't have to worry about it no wood to buckle or come loose
Pinks All Out Englishtown Raceway Park Nj

As Seen On Tv Race Was On July 26 2008 Show aired On Tv Oct 2 2008

That's Me Under The Speed Sign


Why Concrete Is a Healthy Alternative

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors—and most of that time we are in our own homes, according to Angela Dean, author of Green By Design. Yet, we are increasingly using products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in some cases creating indoor air quality that is 20 to 30 times more toxic than outdoor air, she warns.

The healthy house institute reports that indoor air pollution is the cause of about 50% of illnesses. Common sources of this pollution include outgassing from toxic paints and finishes, carpeting, manufactured wood products containing glues high in formaldehyde, dust mites, mold spores, mildew, and some cleaning products.

When it comes to poor indoor air quality, carpeting is one of the worst offenders. New synthetic carpeting can outgas over 100 different VOCs. And whether made of synthetic or natural materials, carpet is difficult to clean and becomes a haven for dust particles, pollutants, and bacterial growth. Tens of millions of microorganisms can be found in a square foot of carpeting. Carpet can also be a major source of mold, especially if it becomes wet and the water isn't removed completely.

Concrete floors, stained with nontoxic pigments, are a healthier alternative to carpeting because they do not emit harmful VOCs and are easy to sweep clean. In fact, VOC emissions from concrete building products are much lower than those for most other building materials, according to PCA. The use of natural lime-cement plaster wall finishes and concrete countertops can also significantly reduce total VOC concentrations inside a home.

Exposure to toxic mold in homes and buildings has been blamed for ailments ranging from headaches to severe respiratory infections and immune system disorders. Mold can thrive on any organic material, especially in warm, moist, humid conditions. In addition to carpeting, mold can feed on drywall and wood studs, joists, and wall sheathing. Concrete floors and walls won't support the growth of toxic mold.  courtesy of 



Concrete flooring provides a low-maintenance, smooth surface that won't promote allergens or dust mites. When combined with a radiant heating system, concrete warms up to a cozy temperature. Unheated concrete maintains a constant temperature year-round and can help with energy efficiency. Concrete for flooring is stamped to look like natural stone or tile or mixed with tint to provide decorative colored patterns. With the help of low-VOC sealants and polishes, these floors keep a water-resistant, attractive shine. Adding to its eco credibility, concrete is often mixed with flyash, an energy plant waste product, or other kinds of industrial waste, such as blast furnace slag, cinders or even recycled crushed concrete. Ask your contractor what options are available in your area, and in some cases a contractor may be willing to add flyash to the mix, even if it is not the standard practice.
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