Concrete Mural Design specializes in the design and application of stained concrete. We can professionally transform ordinary concrete surfaces into floors and walls that are both elegant and functional. Stained concrete floors and wallls are the ultimate in low maintenance, child friendly, and the perfect surface for family pets. These surfaces also greatly reduce allergy problems in your home.

We can turn your ordinary concrete floors and walls into floors and walls that will amaze your guests and make your life simpler.

Our company prides itself in a professional approach in every aspect of the process, including the work site. We are dedicated to quality work and will work with you on a design that you will be happy with.

Image n Concrete combines beauty, value and creativity to transform ordinary concrete floors and walls into personalized works of art. Each is as unique as the person it is designed for.


We turn ordinary concrete floors and walls into extraordinary works of art with the use of colored stains and dyes,  engraving, embossing and stenciling.


Decorative concrete is a cost effective approach that yields high end results. Using decorative applications we create beautiful floors and walls that compare favorably with wood or tile, and are more cost effective than marble or other natural stones.


With unlimited design options you can differentiate yourself. With your design selection your floors and walls will work for you as they become an additional marketing tool.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials available. Decorative concrete, properly maintained, will deliver years of beautiful use.

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