What is polished concrete?

Think of polishing concrete as refining the concrete surface with a grinding and polishing action to give hard, dense, thermal gains, stain resistant, very easily cleanable and long lasting floor. There is NO coating applied, so nothing to chip or peel or discolor.

There is a stain guard protection chemical system applied similar to how polish is applied for a car paint job. Our systems are fully waterproof which means no staining from red wine and the likes.

How is the concrete polished?

You start with coarse blades attached to a grinder up to 800lbs in weight (smaller grinders work but in some cases they do not produce stone if the concrete is too hard) to take away layers at a time to produce the chosen stone content e.g salt and pepper (fines only) or full stone etc. Once this is established and all imperfections are fixed, the polish process takes place with finer diamonds to produce polished concrete from 400 up to 3000 diamond finish. Chemicals and concrete protection systems are added to change the chemical structure of the concrete to give hardness and stain protection, partial or full.

Is it important how the concrete is laid?

It is everything to the concrete polished job. Poorly laid concrete will result in a less than ideal polish job. A good concrete layer is totally complementary to a concrete grinding company. Want high end results? Then we have a list of preferred concrete contractors. Currently we are producing custom polished floors, ask us about this new and exciting process.

Is all concrete polishing the same?

No, definitely not. Good machinery, techniques and a wealth of knowledge is the key to an un-beatable high end finish. If you want your floor to carry its shine year after year then it is important that steps are not skipped in the polishing process.

Can concrete polishing be water proof?

Yes. There are new polished chemicals that give waterproofing and stain control against oils etc. Every system is different and gives different levels of protection for polished floors. These systems soak into the matrix of the concrete and form micro umbrellas that stop ingression of liquids.

Is coated concrete or grind and seal the same?

No. Coatings are topical. Another words, they sit of the surface. You’re looking at a coating that is covering the concrete. Polished concrete is about refining the surface. Coatings typically scratch over time. The finish of polished concrete is so super fine that tyre marks don’t stick. Coatings are generally cheaper as they do not require precision grinding.

What’s the #1 reason for polished floors?

Depends on who it is for – let’s take a quick look

Residential – For its aesthetics

Commercial and Retail – It’s trendy and upbeat

Industrial – Maintenance and dust free

Green Construction – Eco friendly

Are there harmful VOCs?